Helping Hands

Residents playing a meaningful role in the community

Our new activity program at Gracelen Terrace allows our residents with almost any disability, mental or physical, to participate and contribute to the community. The program has been incorporated in many of our existing activities, such as, bead work, card making, arts and crafts, woodworking, baking, gardening etc..

The goal of the Helping Hands group is to produce a product, sell it and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity.

Some projects are made on an individual basis

If a resident is unable to complete a whole project they can make a small specific part in a larger project .

Tool Time with Greg, It is important to have all departments involved and supportive.

A person with very limited strength and movement can be part of a bigger project.

Knowing your contribution will help others in need is a very motivating and fulfiling.

A large piece of art work can become many small pieces of art with the help of a flower punch and another helping hand.

Family members and staff get involved. They donate crafts they have made and buy crafts made by our residinets. Everyone working together for the same cause creates a special bond.

A separate activity of stamping will be another ingredient to put in the mix.

It is very important to take pride in your work and give credit where credit is due.

It all comes together with some ribbons, glitter, glue and some more helping hands. The end result is a lovely card to be sold.

A former quiltmaker helped stamp and lay out the pieces for this card.

Having worked as a baker was useful when these helping hands were making dog treats.

Making the group laugh is always important. "Don't eat the dog biscuit until it's been baked."
We all take pride in being part of an activity that contributes to others that need help in some way. We started this program in April of 2012 and the Resident Council donated $1,500.00 to the food boxes for the hungry in less than a year. Their next goal is to raise money for the dog shelter.

Residents Council making their first donation.