Food Services


The dining experience is a crucial part of a resident’s medical and social well-being. Therefore, meeting the nutritional needs of our residents with well-balanced meals and snacks is just one part of Gracelen Terrace’s overall plan of care.

Our dietary department headed up by Rebecca Mathis takes great pride in preparing delicious and bountiful meals, that is perfectly balanced in nutrition and specific dietary requirements.

Our Plans Identifies:

  • Medical condition (strengths, weaknesses, feeding abilities)
  • Nutrient requirements (calories, protein, vitamins, minerals)
  • Personal food preferences
  • How to meet all of the above (unrestricted diet, special diet, liquid diet)

Our dietitian also has specific expertise in managing the nutritional needs associated with complex medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and renal disease.

Additional Services:

  • We have a full time activities program including outings to the mall and movies.
  • We have weekly religious services on Tuesday, Communion on Wednesdays and non denomination services every other Sunday.
  • We offer Barber and Beautician services weekly. This includes cuts and shampoo and sets. Permanents and coloring are not included.
  • Laundry services include the marking of the clothing with the residents name and laundering. Dry cleaning services are not offered.
  • Each room is cable ready, but not paid for by Gracelen Terrace. Each day area has large TV’s with cable.
  • Each room is telephone ready, but services are not paid for by Gracelen Terrace. Each nursing station have cordless phones to enable residents to have private phone conversations in their rooms.