Nursing Services

Long tern Nursing Services

Gracelen is a Skilled Medicaid facility and Intermediate level of care. Like all of the staff at Gracelen Terrace, our nurses have been chosen as much for their compassion, patience, and love of older people as their medical expertise. These special attributes make Gracelen Terrace such an attractive place to live ? its warm, family-like atmosphere and our staff also tell us, it is a wonderful place to work.

That’s why many of our nurses have chosen to remain at Gracelen Terrace for so long. Their longevity and dedication to Gracelen Terrace mean that we’re able to present a cohesive, highly-experienced nursing team unlike any other.

Family members have told us over and over how they appreciate our nursing staff. They know who is taking care of their loved one and where to turn with their questions and concerns. The nurses become like extended members of the residents? families.

Gracelen Terrace also provides the following services contract with many ancillary service providers including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Podiatry
  • Ophthamology
  • Dental Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychiatry

  • Psychology
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Podiatry
  • X-ray services
  • Optometry
  • Opthamology
  • Dermatology
  • Respiratory Therapy